Metering Systems

Pipeline Controls – Integrated Metering Systems

Pipeline controls designs, engineers and builds large modular metering and control systems for exacting custody transfer metering and pin point control of pressure and nominated flow rates. We work to deliver modular systems that provide functionality in strict compliance with your interconnect agreement.

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Crude Oil Metering and Control Systems
Crude Oil
Metering System – FPSO
FPSO Topside Metering
and Control Systems
Marine Terminal
Metering Systems
FPSO Offload Metering
and Control Systems
Bi-directional prover system Coriolis Meter station – API
liquid custody transfer
Crude oil LACT unit EFM Panel for crude oil
metering system
FPSO – Oil offload
MMI – PLC and EFM – control
room panels
Tank truck loading rack
metering and control systems
Central gathering system
crude oil tank truck
loading systems
Crude oil custody transfer
sampling system

Natural Gas Metering and Control Systems

High capacity natural gas
regulator station – bi-directional
marketing hub nomination
control service
High capacity high pressure
multipath ultrasonic
metering system –
bi-directional storage service
Pressure and flow control
station modules – bi-directional
gas storage nomination
control and ESD/OPP
redundant valve systems
Modular Offshore custody
transfer meter station
Offshore sample
conditioning panels for
chromatograph analysis
Large OD meter station
header fabrication
Pipeline interconnect
site – pressure/flow control
module – vertical scrubber
vessel – analyzer panels
Loadout of bi-directional
multipath ultrasonic
metering system module
MMI systems for metering
and regulator station
control – EFM interface –
data base archival systems
MMI systems real time
operator interface
Turnkey analyzer systems
for real time energy analysis
FLOW testing of multipath
ultrasonic meters

Hydrocarbon Product Metering Systems

Coriolis Meter Station
for Hydrocarbon
Custody Transfer
Hydrocarbon condensate
loading systems
Fuel products marine
terminal and loading systems
AB PLC panel – metering
I/O and PID control